Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tantre Farm Share, week 5

Sorry no photo (again). A certain newly minted 11-year-old borrowed my camera to make a stop motion video with his friend and now we can't find the thing...he's upstairs cleaning his room right now so there is hope it will be excavated soon.

This weeks share:
small bunch of bok choi, head of garlic, summer onions, bag of fava beans, bag of small lettuces, one big head of lettuce, big bunch of beets and greens, haruki turnips and greens, collard greens, chives

Menu plan:
We're going out of town next week so I'm kind of relieved that the share is a bit small this week.

  • bok choi, garlic, and onions will go into Asain noodles (with some ground turkey, tofu, shredded carrot, peanuts, etc.)
  • turnip greens and collards will get braised together with some more garlic. Since my kids are out of school and not at camp this week and keep asking for homemade mac and cheese for lunch--guess what they are going to learn out to make? I love homemade mac and cheese with braised greens and lots of hot pepper vinegar.
  • Salad (duh). Even after eating salad twice a day because of last week's lettuce bounty, I'm still happy to have more salad, though I don't know if we'll finish all the lettuce before leaving.  I'll probably make a chive and sherry vinegar dressing.
  • favas and beet greens will get sauteed with a few summer onions and tossed with hot pasta and goat cheese. If there are any chives left, they'll go in there too.
  • Not sure of any plan for the beets (once I cut off their greens though, they can stay good for a few weeks so I might save them for later) or turnips, yet.

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