Monday, April 25, 2005

My cantaloupe, my savior

I'm indebted to a melon tonight.

After a frustrating day with the kids (Fiona not napping resulting in the synapses in her brain short-circuiting, Ian being intellectually precocious and socially clueless), I made a disappointing dinner--calzones. I've tried making a decent calzone for ages and mine never turn out. Last time the pizza dough was too thick and thus rubbery in places; this time I wrestled with the dough until it was paper-thin and while it crisped up in the oven, it was still a pretty blah dinner. I stuffed it with ricotta, pesto, steamed broccoli, roasted red peppers and a few pickled hot peppers. It sounded like an ok filling to me, but it all just sort of sogged together. This may be the last time I waste energy on making calzones; why sweat it when there are perfectly decent, cheap take-out versions available?

So after the unfulfilling dinner, I found myself pacing the kitchen looking for fruit-relief and seriously craving something more than an apple or a banana. In the winter months, I turn to ruby red grapefruit and often consume 2-3 in an evening. I adore grapefruit. But grapefruit season is ending and it is too early for strawberries. A fresh pineapple or even a ripe kiwi would have been welcome, but none were in residence. I'm not really much of a melon fan, but I found a cantaloupe hiding behind the espresso machine (shy little melon) and cut it open and it exuded a wonderful flowery perfume and a good deal of juice, really a terrific example of melon-ness.

I can't decide whether it is pathetic to be comforted by a cantaloupe or if it is a sign of good mental health when a small pleasure, say, a fine piece of fruit, is enough to get me to let go of a frustrating day.

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Susan W said...

Hey sometimes a cup of tea or a really good cup of hot cocoa helps me let go of the day - so melon isn't so's something that makes you happy!

Bummer on the calzones though. I've never attempted, always stuck with the homemade pizza (so much easier it seems). If you ever master it be sure to let me know!