Sunday, April 24, 2005

What to write

My edits for the camping article for the Community Observer are done which means I currently don't have a work-related writing project going. I'm trying to decide what to work on and I'm torn between things that will possibly generate a little income and spending some time with my long-neglected novel.

I'm leaning towards the latter because I may have a whole 4 days to myself to think and write over Memorial Day weekend. Brian is planning to take the kids camping up north somewhere and I am willing to skip a camping trip to have some alone-time. Of course, Michigan weather might nix the camping trip. This morning we woke up to 3 inches of snow and more likely to come.

My poor brave primroses.

My novel really needs a complete overhaul which requires extended thought time. I've been regularly reading Rosina Lippi's Storytelling blog and hearing about other people's writing processes has made me hunger to try my hand at it again. One fear I have is that I'll procrastinate the 4 days away, but if I could lure a few hapless souls (Ami? MJ?) into setting a workshop date then I'd be likely to face the hundreds of pages that I've written and be a stern task master. Not only do I need to impose a new structure on the current mess, I need to do what one of my favorite professors referred to as "cutting one's little darlings." I can be incredibly critical of other people's editors, but I am pretty lousy at being my own.


Ami said...

I'm more than happy to workshop your novel--just set the date.

Annie said...

How frustrating that the link to your novel is not working; tell me more! And by all means, if it's calling you, work on it. I'm doing a lot of procrastinating on my own work these days (thus the craftiness) and could use some motivation myself.

Kate said...

grrr try as I might I can't get the darn link to my novel webpage to work. I may need to rebuild the page (the novel itself isn't the only thing that has been neglected of late...).