Wednesday, April 27, 2005

yet another...

Yet another tampon-holder has made its way into the world. This one is destined for my sister in Syracuse. The body of it is made from a handspun yarn I got a few years ago at Spinners Flock--I couldn't resist its copper color flecked with blue and chartreuse, but I had no plan what to do with it. It was too scratchy for a scarf and there wasn't enough of it for a bigger project, but now I see that it was just waiting to become a tampon-holder.

I knit it up too loose at first so it took a quick trip into a hot machine wash to tighten up the fibers. And I departed from the Shrinky-dink buttons to use this beautiful wood one. It's the kind of button you want to stroke with your thumb; it's so warm and smooth.

I finished up the crochet last night at a knitting group my friend Lynne told me about that met at Sweetwaters. Knitting is rarely a social thing for me, so it was a nice change and a chance to meet other local knitters and fondle their yarn.

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Anonymous said...

Those tampon holders are great. And what a fun outing! I keep getting Sweetwaters mixed up with Sweet Lorraine's; it must be new since I left Ann Arbor?

Oh, and your crochet looks lovely!