Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cue evil cackling

I got my kids to eat eggplant last night! Hahahahahahaha!

Of course, I didn't call it eggplant. I called it "cutlets". And no, it was not the healthiest preparation possible--it was breaded eggplant slices that were then baked in the oven. And no, I didn't actually make them, I took them out of the Trader Joe's box and heated them up. But still, EGGPLANT!

I cut each circle into quarters so they looked a little less vegetal and Ian ate at least a slice and a half. He also ate cheese ravioli with tomato sauce, and turkey meatballs and dried peas. My god, that is almost a normal meal! (The dried peas are still a little weird.)

I'm going to get more of these "cutlets" and see if I can use them like lasagna noodles to layer with ricotta and sauce and mozzarella.

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