Friday, June 26, 2009

Menu plan

There was an insane rain storm yesterday which has done a great deal to alleviate my mental fog that accompanied the humidity. Now I am capable of coming up with something other than salad to consume our Farm Share:
  • The turnip greens, mystery greens, waido, and some of the scallions will go into another adaptation of spanikopita. This time I'm going to tinker with the filling and include some drained yogurt to give it a little extra tang. And I have about 10 garlic scapes (not from the farm share) that will also find their way into the mix.
  • The kohlrabi will be eaten raw--I haven't decided exactly how. If I get to a store and find some decent fennel, this salad looks good.
  • The beets and asparagus will get baked/roasted alongside the spanikopita and then sliced and doused with a simple mustard vinaigrette.
  • The braised turnip recipe I made last week was so good, I'm making it again. Brian and I were having fork wars over who got the last turnip.
  • The parsley is already gone having been chopped up and added to the salads (so far, we have used up 2 of the huge heads of lettuce).
  • I'll make kale chips and hope I might be able to trick the kids into eating them.
  • and the peas (oy vey, the peas!), some will get a quick blanching and then get tossed with a sesame/rice wine vinegar dressing (sort of like goma ae for peas!), some will be mixed with grated carrots, mint, olive oil and feta, some will be chucked into the salads, hopefully the kids will put away a whole bunch since this is the only green vegetable they willingly eat.


Jen said...

Let me know how you did with the peas. I love the snap peas, but the regular ones never seem to get cooked enough - my family just hates them, and we're HUGE pea eaters. I gave mine to my share-mate.

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