Saturday, September 06, 2008

A return to fiber

Now that there is some cool air moving back in to my surroundings, I'm willing to immerse myself up to my armpits in woolly goodness again. My serving-as-a-cat-bed for the summer Urban Aran Cardigan has been retrieved from the felines in time for the restarting of my son's piano lessons (also known as my guaranteed one-hour of knitting time.)

And I figure I really should get going on it since there are a bevy of new knitting books at the library that I've requested and will be receiving in the near future. Thanks to Ed, who taught me how to create an RSS feed for any new knitting book that my library enters into its catalog, I get first notice on acquisitions and can get my request in at the front of the line. I usually get the books within a month or two of them being added to the collection.

Coming my way in the near future are:

Boutique Knits

Closely Knit

Inspired to Knit

Knit So Fine

Knitted Critters for Kids to Wear

Continuous Cables


Alt Fiber

Based on my judgmental perceptions of the covers, I'd say I'm most attracted to Closely Knit because the sleeve on the cover looks like something I'd wear. I'm guessing that Inspired to Knit and Boutique Knits won't be my cup of tea based on the quantity of lipstick that the cover models are wearing (because you know all about that inverse relationship between lipstick quantity and knitwear wear-ability, right?) Knitted Critters looks promising for the smallest member of our household who pretends to be an animal for most of her waking hours, but the photo on the cover looks like the hat doesn't fit well. One of my pet peeves is the number of kids' hats that sacrifice fit for cuteness. If the hat doesn't stay on, no kid will wear it and thus your effort has been wasted. (I learned this the hard way...) And I don't have much of an opinion on Alt Fiber or Continuous Cables since the pictures of their covers are a little too small for me to make out.


Anonymous said...

You can see a larger picture of Alt Fiber's cover here:

Edward Vielmetti said...

hey, this got picked up by Jenny Levine:

The new book shelf not on the library's website

Anonymous said...

Cool! How'd you get the RSS feed for that? Are there instructions available.

Kate said...

Oh dear, I can't remember how to do it! Ed (aka Superpatron) walked me through it. I know my library's catalog now has rss feeds for some things (though nothing so specific as all the new knitting books...).

eli said...

You can get an RSS feed of any search or list of new items, knitting or otherwise! Go to, then click on new books, then enter knit in the subject box at the top of the page. That will list the new knitting books, then just click the rss button to get the feed for that view. Thanks for posting and have fun!