Thursday, March 17, 2005

The knitting challenge

I have a new knitting challenge--reading and grading compositions while knitting. One of my annual sources of income (granted rather piddley) comes from grading the compositions of mostly Greek students who are trying to get a certificate of proficiency in English. I do this for the English Language Institute at the U-M (I am actually qualified for this--I have two degrees in English and taught ESL for a year at the University of Bordeaux). I can make about $300 per week by spending about 1.5 hours per day grading the comps, which is not a bad return considering that I get to take the comps home and can grade them in my jammies. Comp season doesn't last long, but it does cut into my available knitting time.

I learned to read and knit at the same time while in grad school at UC Davis. It required a bit of a convoluted posture, but I could knit a relatively basic pattern while plowing through dull critical theory texts. I'm just not sure if I can do the same with handwritten wish me nimble fingers and a focused brain.

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Jane said...

Reading & knitting is the only way to go. It gets easier as you practice. I taught myself to do it in college so I could get all that reading done and still work on a sweater or two.