Friday, March 18, 2005

To eat more fish

Tonight I'm making a tomato-based fish chowder for dinner. I confess that despite my affection for eating seafood, I'm not that fond of cooking it. But fish chowder is about as easy as it gets. My two not-so-secret ingredients that make the soup have some complexity are a pinch of cinnamon and a few strips of orange peel (which I have to remember to take out before serving). I'm also going to try and make a little rouille to stir in at the end--Brian loves saffron and I happen to have some that someone brought back from Europe as a gift. I love rouille in the pureed type of Soup de Poisson they serve in Southern France; hopefully it'll taste ok in my chunky chowder style soup. I'll throw together a salad and get a loaf of Zingerman's bread and that should suffice.

Got any idiot-proof favorite fish recipes I can try so I get us to eat more fish? Send them my way...

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Kate said...

Ok, so I got lazy and didn't make the rouille. Well, more accurately the kids were a handful before dinner and it was a choice between peace in the household or that little bit of effort that makes a basic meal feel special. So we ate basic last night, folks, but I didn't have to retreat to the bath with a glass of wine after dinner to recuperate.