Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Recent dinners

The pork in milk ended up being a good choice the other night because it is largely a dish you can leave alone for about an hour, and during that hour my 4.5 year old, Ian, had a spectacular tantrum. So at least we still had a good dinner after all the drama. I made some rosemary roast potatoes and kale with lots of lemon, salt and garlic to go with it. And of course, more red wine (especially necessary after the tantrum).

Last night Brian and I went out while my parents watched the kids and we had a good, spicy meal at Seoul Korner. Many thanks to Ed Vielmetti for reminding me that the place was there. I hadn't been there since I worked at UMS about 5 years ago. The bi bim bop was good, though the bulgoki beef in it was a little bland. Next time I'll probably get it with Tofu. Brian had spicy squid--a huge portion. And unlike the two inexpensive Korean places over on South U (Steve's Lunch and Coffee Break) they do the traditional thing of bringing you 4 or 5 little dishes with various condiments; my favorite this time were some hot pickeled turnip cubes. Also the free cup of soup is a flavorful miso rather than watery cabbage. I do wish Seoul Korner would make brown rice an option, but it's nice to know we don't have to drive far and shell out a lot at Seoul Garden for a simple Korean food fix, though I'd still go there for the tofu-pork and kim chee stew.

Tonight I'm going to make the Mushroom Galette from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (yes, I'm trying to forgive the cookbook for flaunting all that unavailable produce). I've made it before and it's pretty good, especially with some whole wheat flour in the tart dough to make it taste nutty (but not too healthy!). I cut a few corners since I don't have mushroom stock around, but it still works out fine.


Edward Vielmetti said...

Hi Kate! Actually, Steve's Lunch on South U is gone now, replaced by Rich J. C. in the same space. Korean food, a bit more upscale than the diner style of Steve's, granite counters instead of worn formica, and more in the way of spicy side dishes. You can't really get too upscale in the layout of that space which they didn't change, so it would be worth a revisit.

I'm looking forward to Jumbo Steak Hoagie re-opening on Broadway for their bi bim bop.

Kate said...

So Steve's is gone, eh? I'm not that surprised since there never seemed to be anyone in it, at least not compared to my RC days when the place was packed on Sunday with students eating bean sprout omelettes. I'll have to give the new proprietor a try the next time I have that Korean craving!