Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Disgusting food idea of the week

I was perusing the Busch's shopping circular to see what is on sale this week and much to my horror, came across this recipe: Wendy's Blueberry Burgers. The recipe recommends adding a 1/2 C of pureed blueberries to your ground beef to make them "more nutritious by adding antioxidants and decreasing fat." Notice they don't say anything about the taste and really, is this the best way to use fresh blueberries, as filler?

I'm going to try to convince the kids to behave and come with me to the grocery store because we are seriously low on real food (plenty of graham crackers and juice boxes, but slim pickings for the grown ups). After scanning every darn grocery store weekly circular, I decided Meijer's has the most stuff I need at reasonable prices. Plus Meijer's has two behavior bribes to keep the kids in line--penny mechanical pony rides and doughnuts.

After scorning Everyday Food, I find myself drawn to another recipe in there for Turkey with Mole Sauce. It doesn't sound as labor intensive as the all-day-mole recipes I've seen, but also doesn't sound like such a short cut recipe that it would taste nasty (I found one EZ Mole on line that used Nutella in the sauce--blech). If I can get my act together, I'm going to try and make it on Thursday.


Edward Vielmetti said...

Save your blueberries for blueberry beer - a recipe here


Denise said...

My daughter's favorite bribes at Meijers are the fish and "parrots." Totally hypnotizing, those fish...