Friday, May 13, 2005


When I see photos like these, I feel much better about myself as a knitter:

Who is the poor sod who had to come up with these samples?

Doesn't that make you feel better too? I may not be making much progress, but at least I'm not knitting a lamp shade that looks like cookie monster.

Actually I did make a little knitting progress--last night I met with Lynne and Libby down at Cafe Felix and drank some ruby port and finished seaming the baby sweater that has taken me forever to knit. It'll be gifted on Saturday to the small person who will no doubt urp all over it so today I'm off to find buttons for it. Finished photo coming soon.

On the yarn front, I just ordered some sock yarn from Knitpicks and am contemplating yarn purchases for the Ribbi cardigan I want to knit. Unfortunately I don't like any of the colors of yarn that the pattern calls for--Elann's Peruvian highland wool. It's soft and cheap, but the colors just don't do it for me. So I'm on the prowl for a worsted weight wool that is soft enough for my princess self and won't break the bank.

On the reading front, there has been a welcome lull in grading the Greek compositions, so I have lots more time to read right now. I finished Peter Ho Davies' collection of stories Equal Love and there was one wonderful story in it called "Frogmen." The rest of the stories were good, but didn't hit me like "Frogmen." Now I'm finishing up Richard Bausch's Rare and Endangered Species; I'm on the novella now and loving it. And my book group decided to go with Carol Shields's The Stone Diaries which I just got out of the library. I've never read any Shields so I'm glad to have the motivation.

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