Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fuzzy Wuzzy

I'm trying to use up some of my stash yarn; next in line are these two balls of fuzzy goodness: Stop Mohair, 196 yards total. But what to do with them? I'm trolling for ideas here.

They aren't destined for a selfish garment because the color borders a little too much on my most despised color--TEAL. I hate teal; I hate teal with an unreasonable passion. Teal almost kept me from the love of my life. Seriously. On our first date, Brian wore a teal shirt and petty little me had trouble seeing how gorgeous he was under the hideous color. On our second date, he wore a cream fisherman's sweater and I couldn't believe how beautiful he was.

Back to the yarn: the color isn't actually teal (I probably couldn't stand to knit with it if it was) but turquoise with a sort of spring green fuzz wrapped around it. It is quite soft, not kidsilk haze soft or baby alpaca brush soft (Oooo look! Baby alpaca brush is on sale at the link I posted!), but not itchy. I think it could do ok as a scarf, but probably better as a shawl.

As far as the recipient, I'm thinking a shawl for my lovely mother-in-law (whose only flaws are that she loves teal and can't cook) would be great for next Christmas. Anyone have a good shawl pattern that would take about 200 yards of yarn? I think that is cutting it a bit short for most big shawls, so it'll probably have to be a smaller one. Something kind of lacey would be good because she is quite feminine and I like knitting lace but not wearing it myself.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Deal-Breaking Colors ought to be a required element of personal ads. When I met Lou, I was in the process of growing out my hair, which was immediately obvious within one second of looking at me. As Lou has said, I was Mary Jean In-Between, but he gave me another shot, banking on better hair days ahead.

Kate said...

heh heh heh--love the name!